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Bunk House
We have a bunk, breakfast and shower package available. This includes a private bunkhouse the night before your trip, a delicious pancake breakfast the morning of your trip, and a refreshing shower and towel when you depart, for only $29.00 a person.

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A bunkhouse room is available the night of your return for $20.00 per person in the event you would like to rest before heading home.  If you reserve a bunkhouse stay for the end of your trip, you will be charged for the bunkhouse whether or not you use it.  If you are unsure of your intentions at this time, consider waiting to reserve it.

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Wenonah Royalex Canoe:  # of Canoes:  #4 Duluth Pack:  # of Packs: 
18.5' Standard 3 person Canoe:  # of Canoes:  Food Can:  # of Food Cans: 
Wenonah Tandem Kevlar Canoe:  # of Canoes:  Sleeping Bag:  # of Bags: 
Wenonah 3 person Kevlar Canoe:  # of Canoes:  Thermo-Rest Sleeping Pad:  # of Pads: 
Wenonah Prism Solo Canoe:  # of Canoes:  Folding Saw:  # of Saws: 
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American Point    American Point
Quetico/Hook    Quetico/Hook
Red Rock    Red Rock
Northern Light Portage    Northern Light
Northern Light Rapids    Northern Light Rapids
Customs/Chippewa Inn    Customs/Chippewa Inn
Sag Falls    Sag Falls
Powells Portages    Powells Portages

A deposit of at least 50% of the total due is required to complete your reservation. Please call us to make your deposit today.

To complete the reserveration of your trip, please call us to confirm the details of your reservation and to provide a deposit to hold your reservation. You are responsible for payment of services reserved.

Your final payment is due upon arrival.

Your deposit will be completely refunded less a $25.00 handling fee and permit costs if notified within 45 days prior to trip departure. Final trip payments are non-refundable. However, Voyageur does provide for the transfer of payments to an alternate guest, or the transfer of payments to a future trip during the same season. Please review your final reservation. If you need to remove a rental day or change a date, please let us know as soon as possible so we can provide the rental to someone else who might need it in the future.

All services are subject to a sales tax of 7.5 percent or the current rate. Accommodations are subject to an additional 4 percent lodging tax.

   (Due to the permit reservation systems Voyageur Canoe Outfitters must adhere to the policies stated.)

Before you continue with the reservation form you may want to print it for your records.
Thank you for choosing Voyageur Canoe Outfitters!

To proceed with your reservation, click the "Reserve" button to send us your reservation.



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