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A Boundary Waters Canoe Outfitter - Voyageur Canoe Outfitters offers canoe camping trips in the Boundary Waters And Quetico Park. Come visit us for a true wilderness adventure.

It takes a very special person to appreciate all a wilderness vacation can offer. Adventure travel is a popular trend in vacationing and more and more people are enjoying it each year. A canoe camping trip in the Boundary Waters or Quetico Park is a unique opportunity for a vacation of a lifetime.

There are many benefits of taking a wilderness vacation this summer, we've listed just a few:
  1. Solitude and serenity on a campsite occupied only by your group and not another one in sight.
  2. Paddling across open expanses of pure water surrounded by towering pines.
  3. Fishing from a canoe or shore and catching delicious fish for lunch.
  4. Listening to the call of the wild, the howling of wolves, the cry of the loons.
  5. Exploring rock palisades and scenic vistas while hiking in the woods.
  6. Swimming in the cool, clean waters underneath the sparkling sun.
  7. Sleeping in a tent underneath the stars and Northern Lights.
  8. Catching the scent of fresh air and pine trees as the wind blows lightly through the trees.
  9. Reading or reflecting on the day while perched on a rocky ledge.
  10. Enjoying the warmth of a campfire and company of good friends or family.

These are just a few of the many benefits of taking a canoe trip into the wilderness through Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. If your idea of camping is flush toilets, activity filled campgrounds, located five minutes from the nearest town, then this is not the place to come. But if you are looking for a wilderness canoe camping adventure, then this is the place.

Sue and Mike Prom
As rewarding and satisfying a canoe trip is, we know not all of you will choose to come this summer. This is your choice but it bothers us personally because we want everyone to share to experience a wilderness adventure. We know it will be an experience of a lifetime and we want to share that with you. We tried to think of reasons why a person wouldn't want to come and came up with one major reason.
I don't think I could handle it!  We have heard this response a few times from a variety of people for a variety of reasons. We want to help you make the right decision about coming up on a canoe trip this year, so we have tried to reassure you.

There are no age restrictions for taking a wilderness canoe trip. We have had infants to eighty-year-old people paddling and camping in the wilderness. We help you plan a trip which will be suitable for your age group.

  There are no physical limitations to prevent a person from experiencing the wilderness. We can help design a trip for people in any sort of physical state that can include very little movement or an endurance trip.

  No experience is necessary for you to enjoy a canoe camping trip. We are here to instruct and educate you until you feel comfortable on your wilderness adventure.

We know you may have other concerns and questions and we encourage you to call us toll free to discuss these with us, We feel a wilderness canoe camping trip is so valuable that we want to introduce as many people to it as we can, We have hired 2 full time year round staff members and with the 4 of us working we are always available to help you plan your vacation. We answer the phone almost any day of the year and time of day, so feel free to call or leave a message so we can get back to you as soon as possible, toll free at
1-888-CANOE IT.

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