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"For me, and for thousands with similar inclinations, the most important passion of life is the overpowering desire to escape periodically from the clutches of a mechanistic civilization.  To us, the enjoyment of solitude, complete independence and the beauty of undefiled panoramas is absolutely essential to happiness."  Bob Marshall

Spring in the North
Birds singing, pussy willows popping and the color green signify spring on the Gunflint Trail. Those signs of spring have yet to appear in spite of the calendar telling us spring is here. 
Snow blankets the earth and thick sheets of ice cover the liquid lakes. This morning's temperature on the Gunflint Trail was a very unspring like -18 degrees.  On Friday we received another 6" of snow and winter shows no sign of letting go.
Like every year spring will come and eventually summer will follow. We had a late ice out last year but anything can happen this year even when we think winter will never end.
Will the ice be out for fishing opener? Memorial Weekend? The 4th of July?  One never knows but my best guess is, "YES!"

Are You Ready for Summer?

As long as I am nodding my head in the up and down direction I will continue to do so and say, "Yes, I'm ready for summer."  I'm ready to see the sunlight sparkle on the water's surface and hear the call of the loon as it enters my room on the breeze of a summer's eve.
I'm especially ready to dip my paddle, strap on my pack and head into the Boundary Waters and out of the real world.  Like Bob Marshall in his quote above I need to escape and find solitude as it is essential to my happiness.
It used to be I could use my time as a passenger in a vehicle to relax and unwind. With cell phone boosters, laptop computers and energy adapters for electricity in the vehicle I can work as we travel to and fro.  With my smart phone I can even work during a time-out of my daughter's basketball game or while the zamboni clears the ice during my son's hockey game.  In fact there's no reason I can't just work or be available to work 24-7. 
I remember when we first went to Sport and Travel Shows and we carried along the big bag phone for our cell phone. We felt kind of important because not many people had these high tech gadgets at the time.  If someone needed to get a hold of us then we must be important. Now I wish I didn't have to answer the cell phone, can't someone else take care of it?  Must I respond to the beeps and clicks it often makes to tell me someone said something or has something to say to me via text, email or instagram?
I have to get away from "the clutches of a mechanistic civilization." I know where to do this best, in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. It's there I can clear my mind and get far away from my emails, alerts and other electronic distractions.  It's in the BWCA or the Quetico Park where I can enjoy the beauty of the vast wilderness and feel serenity enter me through the screen of my tent.
Status Quo at Voyageur

Status quo means to keep things the way they are presently. It kind of sounds boring to say it's Status Quo at Voyageur but in a sense it is.  We've owned Voyageur since 1993 and although there have been plenty of changes over the years one thing remains the same.


Our committment to provide the best customer service possible to our guests is unwavering. We want all of our guests to have exceptional customer service and it's what we strive to provide. 


We know we can't offer the best there is in customer service when there's just the two of us so that's why we find people who are just as committed to the guest experience as we are. We look for the best Voyageur Crew members possible.


We think we have found great people over the years although some have chosen to move on. You'll be happy to know Miss Elsa will be back in the Voyageur Kitchen making you delicious pancakes to fuel you on your journey.  Mark will be on the lakefront and behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly.  And from last summer you'll see Matt, Evan and Grace doing their best to ensure you have a memorable vacation.


We've hired some new Crew that we know will be amazing. But I guess that too is Status Quo, it's what you have come to expect from us at Voyageur.  And we promise we'll keep things the way they are presently until you tell us to do it differently.


Got Kids? PADDLE!

If I could turn back time... I can't believe I am the only person who wishes this but after watching the video by Dan Clark I longed to turn back time so I could do a similar paddling adventure with my kids.
I know time travel doesn't exist and I can't turn back time but I can plan for the future.  I know how valuable time with my family is and I know time slows down when we're camping in the BWCA or Quetico together.  So I know I need to etch out the time to take a canoe camping trip with my family today. 
I know if I wait to see what summer brings the days between activities will get fewer and fewer and we'll be forced to take a 3-day canoe trip instead of a 5 or 7-day canoe trip.  We plan ahead for ball games and sports camps so we have to plan ahead for our paddling adventure.
We may not have 100 days, my kids may be older, but I know the positive effects of a canoe camping trip as a family will last a lifetime. There is no turning back so we must look forward.  Get out your calendar, call a family meeting and put your dates for a BWCA trip on the calendar and we'll see you at Voyageur this summer.


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