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A canoe camping trip into the Boundary Waters or Quetico Park requires the proper foods. Choose from our vast menu.

About Our Food
Meal time is a special time in the wilderness. We can't be there to cook it for you but we will do all the rest. We take your carefully selected menu items and special requests and have them all ready for you. You select your favorite beverages and special extras you want packed. We let you choose from our large menu of items we have given the Voyageur stamp of approval.

Voyageur takes pride in supplying your party with a combination of the finest fresh and freeze dried foods.
Food for a BWCA canoe camping trip   Food for a Boundary Waters canoe trip Food for a BWCA canoe trip
  No Cooking Lightweight Vegetarian Gluten-Free
Fresh Eggs, Sliced Bacon, Hash Browns, and  English Muffins      available available
Breakfast Omelet, Hash Browns, and Bagels     yes available
Voyageur Buttermilk Pancakes, Maple Syrup, and Mixed Dried Fruit   yes yes available
Classic French Toast, Maple Syrup, and Sausage Links   yes available  
Granola with Milk & Blueberries, and a Breakfast Bar yes yes yes  
Hot Oatmeal, Raisins, Brown Sugar, and Fruit Leather   yes yes yes
Bagels & Cream Cheese, and Mixed Dried Fruit yes   yes  
Voyageur Gorp, Beef Jerky, and a Nature Valley Breakfast Bar yes yes available  
Cheesy Mac & Cheese, a Hearty Beef Stick, and Trail Mix   yes available  
Ramen Noodles, Crackers & Cheese, and Fruit Snacks   yes available  
Hummus & Pita with Tuna, Pub Mix, and a Homemade  Cookie yes yes available available
Wild Rice Salad Wrap and a Homemade Cookie yes yes yes  
Pilot Biscuits with  Summer Sausage & Cheese, and Voyageur Gorp yes yes available  
Pita Bread, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Beef Jerky, and Trail Mix yes yes available available
Cliff Bar, Voyageur Gorp, Beef Jerky, and a Sweet Treat yes yes available available
Homemade Hudson Bay Bread, a Hearty Beef Stick, and a Nutroll yes yes yes  
Fresh Sirloin Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Mocha Mousse Pie     available available
Chicken Fajitas, Rice, and Raspberry Crumble   yes    
Mexican Rice & Meat Tortillas, Green Beans, and Pudding   yes available yes
Lasagna, Corn, and Crème Brulee   yes yes  
Noodles with Beef Flavor Bits, Peas & Carrots, and Pie   yes yes  
Vegetarian Burrito Bowl, Tortillas, and Cheese Cake   yes yes  
Chicken & Rice, Fry Pan Bread, and Pie   yes available  

Fruit punch
Orange drink
Grape drink
Sugar free drink
Decaf coffee
Apple cider
Hot coco
Fish breading and oil
Salt & pepper
Peanut butter
Dried milk
Tartar sauce
A la carte
Bread (gluten-free available)
Beef jerky
Beef stick
Meat-less jerky
Voyageur gorp
Trail mix
Cliff bar
Rice krispy treats
Chocolate spread
Fruit snacks
Sweet treat

Voyageur will email you a link to our online menu form once you make your reservation. You can request this link by emailing us at
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