BWCA Sunset

Duncan Rose

Duncan Rose

BWCAW Entry Point  60 Duncan(3 entry permits)
Minimum Trip Length 3 Days

Route Description coming soon.

BWCA Maps Needed:
  • Fisher Maps: F-13
  • McKenzie Maps: 2
  • Voyageur Maps: 9

Fast Facts:
Lake DNR # Fish Species Maximum Depth Acres Elevation Campsites
Bearskin 16022800 Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike 78 493 1678 1
Duncan 16023200 Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass 130 481 1658 7
Rose 16023000 Walleye, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass 90 1315 1678 7

Portages out of Bearskin Portages out of Duncan   Portages out of Rose
-North 60 rods to Daniels
-South 21 rods to Hungry Jack
-West 75 rods to Duncan
-South 53 rods to Moss
-SW 230 rods to Partridge
-SE 81 rods to Bearskin
-NE 78 rods to Rose
  South 80 rods to Duncan
-SE 337 rods to fork, 87 rods to Daniels or 291 rods to Rove
-West 4 rods to Rat
Route Description:

A Short Story:
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Boundary Waters Blog Lady
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