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Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Canoe Routes

The list of canoe routes in the BWCA are endless. Here are some suggestions of our favorites. These Boundary Waters routes can be shortened, made in to base camps or combined to fit your needs. Spend some time reading each canoe routes full descriptions to get the "flavor" of each trip.

Canoe Route Name Entry Point(s) Days
(Recommended Minimum)
Type of Fish Experience Level Full Description
Brandt, Gabi, Seagull 52,545LT, NP, SM, WIntermediate View full Description
Duncan, Rose 603SM,LT, NPBeginner View full Description
East Bearskin, Canoe, Pine 644SM,NP,W,LTIntermediate View full Description
Frost River 505LT,W,NPExperienced View full Description
Granite River 57,80,553W,SM,NP,LTIntermediate View full Description
Gunflint, South, Rose 58,604SM,LT,NP,WIntermediate View full Description
Ham, Crossbay, Long Island 503SM,W,NPIntermediate View full Description
Popular, Caribou, Gaskin 47,485NP,LT,W,SMIntermediate View full Description
Saganaga Base Camp 55,55A3W,SM,LT,NPBeginner View full Description
Saganaga, Alpine, Seagull 55,543W,SM,LT,NPBeginner View full Description
Saganaga, Cherry, Ottertrack 554W,SM,LT,NPIntermediate View full Description
Seagull Base Camp 54,54A3W,SM,LT,NPBeginner View full Description
Seagull, Knife, Saganaga 54,555W,SM,LT,NPIntermediate View full Description
Tuscarora, Little Sag, Gills 51,525LT,PIntermediate View full Description


W=walleye, SM=small mouth, NP=northern pike,
LT=lake trout

Experience Level
Beginner=few and or short portages, shorter paddling distances.
Intermediate=moderate number and or portages less than 1 mile, moderate amount of paddling.
Experienced=significant number of portages and or long portages and or large amount of paddling.

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